Smart Rotator 360° SR1

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Model : SR1

The Smartphone Rotator 360° Rotation Face Tracker.


The Best Device for Taking Photos And Videos Without Needing Another Person Just Came Out!

Start Taking Amazing Photos And Videos By Yourself, Of Yourself!

Compatible with:

  • All IOS (10.0 or above): IPhone
  • All Android (8.1 or above): Samsung,  Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, Nokia, OnePlus, Vivo, … etc

We know how frustrating it can be to always have to rely on a friend or another person to take a video of you.

They might not have a steady hand, they might not be in the mood, they might not even be there.

You never know when an idea is going to hit you, that’s why you should have the necessary equipment to shoot a high-quality video without the help of others at all times.

And if you want to take a quality photo or a video in which the camera needs to follow you, it’s impossible to do without the help of someone else; at least it was before.

The amazing device Smart Rotator 360° Phone Support will help you take high quality photos and videos without the help of others.

Here’s What The Smart Rotator 360° Can Do For You:

  • 9 Quick Create Modes
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Auto-Tracking
  • Multi-Stream Live
  • Sharing Capabilities
  • And Much More!

It’s a phone support that uses smart tracking to keep you in frame at all times. It can rotate 360 degrees smoothly without any problems, giving you the freedom of moving in whatever direction you wish.

It Can Help You With Everything! Whether you want to shoot a quick Tik-Tok or a YouTube video, this device will keep you in frame at all times, making the whole process of shooting videos alone much easier.

It’s perfect for streamers as well! You’ll be able to stream on multiple platforms at once: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and 29 more live-streaming platforms. 

Using smart tracking, your IRL streams are going to increase in quality significantly.

You can move around freely knowing that your camera is going to follow.

We’re confident that the Smart Rotator 360° is going to improve your life and help you create high-quality photos and videos alone.

Weight 8.11 oz
Dimensions 3.14 × 3.14 × 6.7 in


Supported systems

IOS, iOS 10.0 and later, Andriod 8.1 and later



Fit for Phone

From 22 to 39 in


360° horizontal, 37° vertical flip up and down

Power supply


Working time

about 50 hours


Innovative Object tracking.
Face tracking mode.
360° rotation, no dead angle to recognize your face automatically.
Put your poses at will, and start taking pictures or videos automatically.
two-person shooting

11 reviews for Smart Rotator 360° SR1

  1. badri

    The device and very good I recommend was happy with.

  2. fortynine

    I loveee it! Good quality It arrived in 10 days, so fast, it works with my iPhone 6

  3. hamizi

    good product very accurate description

  4. pivo

    Its exactly as described works great rested the item and it’s just awesome

  5. repouchy

    Соответствует ожиданиям. Батарейки стартовые в комплекте слабые, не хватило на запуск, но это нормально. Скорость вращения не быстрая, но ребёнок в восторге

  6. osmo

    منتوج أكثر من رائع و خدمة ما بعد البيع لا توصف

  7. Lucie93

    Very easy to use, and if you download the app it comes with a bunch of filters too! Fun and handy for selfies and group photos and videos.

  8. martin2

    Great product. I LOVE IT!! It works so smooth and I use it almost daily for my video blogs on YouTube. Best invest ever!

  9. salakni

    Thanks a lot for your support, We will do our best to make improvements. Have a nice day.

  10. anthony

    I received the product today. The function is very powerful. I really like the product. I recommend buying.

  11. mizouu

    Works on batteries

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